• There are times when there just are no words, but still…

    When it comes to optimal location in the center of the prestigious Neve Avivim neighborhood opposite the Ramat Aviv Mall, a location combining some of the best educational facilities in Tel Aviv, several schools, a preschool daycare cluster and a Scouts troupe, plus several playgrounds, a large, luxurious park and shopping centers, this really is a project that would be hard to ignore.


    A balanced combination of the quality of life offered by the prestigious Neve Avivim neighborhood in Ramat Aviv and the vibrant urban pace emanating from the nearby mall, and the short distance from the center of downtown, speaks of the unique nature of this project. Everything is at your fingertips. The global lifestyle trends are bringing combinations like these to the fore. They legitimize the coexistence of two different, even opposing worlds while they at the same time enrich the residential experience by creating a natural, harmonious separation between them.


    The Ashdar Tagore Project consists of 144 in 3 buildings – 2 buildings are 9 stories high and another one is 17 stories high. The buildings feature 3, 5 and 6-room apartments, including garden apartments, duplexes, a penthouse and a mini-penthouse.

    The three buildings face various wind directions, forming a range of options for you to choose from.


    Naama Malis Architecture and Urban Construction is the firm that has been selected for designing the project. The firm has been in business since 1996, specializing in project design. The firm is one of the leading, most professional in the local market. Through their vast body of work designing residential projects and urban construction in general, they have nurtured a natural affinity with the Ashdar Tagore Project. The added values and advanced architectural vision assure you of a design that goes down into the details, taking into consideration an important set of parameters in order to create a real solution for the expectations and requirements inherent to a project of this kind.

    Ashdar Building Company Ltd., of the Ashtrom Group, is one of Israel’s leading residential construction development companies. Ashdar has been in business since 1982. Ashdar is considered to be a leader thanks to the great importance it assigns to understanding its customers’ needs, while selecting strategic locations, advanced residential concepts and an uncompromising construction standard. The Company’s ability to deliver a full suite of services to its customers, beginning with location selection for the project through to the handover of keys to an apartment built to the uncompromising quality standards we set ourselves, positions Ashdar as the pace-setter in the local real estate market.
    The Ashtrom Group, which controls Ashdar, is one of Israel’s largest and leading real estate groups. It was established in1963 and has since built projects which are living testimony to the construction quality which has become its hallmark, in the best prime locations all over the country.

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